Trunking can be colour matched (within reason) to the wall or simply painted and delivers an effective result in hiding unsightly wires.
And at an additional £35 it's also cost effective. Something to consider.

If your going to be using a lot of on-demand services then consider using ETHERNET rather than WIRELESS to connect your TV.
With ethernet you'll won't get the dreaded buffering and your TV will operate at maximum speed possible.
ETHERNET is about x10 increase over WIRELESS and features improved latency and other nice stuff useful for on-demand services.

Hiding your wires is the ultimate solution for TV Wall Mounting.
Whether your wall is platerboard or brick then the wires can be hidden perfectly.

Your choice of TV bracket is very important.
Do you want a fixed bracket or one that can tilt?
Or would you prefer a fully motorised option with a remote control?
I'm happy to supply brackets or I'm happy for you to buy it too.
This webpage gives some nice information about the different types you can buy.